IFGL aims to expand its Technology Team by more than a third

IFGL has ambitious plans to modernise its technology estate, into which it will be making a considerable investment over the next three years.

Part of the strategy involves recruitment for a range of new roles across our IT Service, IT Operations, IT Delivery, Change, Architecture & Engineering and IT Security teams. The roles, which represent a significant expansion in the size of our Technology team, are pitched at a variety of experience levels, from entry level to highly experienced.

IFGL Chief Technology Officer Greg Watson is leading the recruitment drive. He is excited about what it will mean for the company.

'The IFGL Technology team are a proactive, strategic partner for our business,' said Greg. 'As a group, we’ve committed to a significant investment to further improve the technology which underpins our business and supports the services we provide for our brokers and clients.'

'We see IFGL Technology as a great place for technology professionals to learn and grow, helping to provide business solutions using modern platforms and tools. We are looking for future colleagues who are skilled technologist who appreciate how to apply their skills to improve our business. We want people who are passionate about joining us to help move the organisation forward.'

The three-year Technology investment strategy will be built around People, Process and Technology:

  • People – we are empowering the Technology team to be a strategic partner for our business by enhancing our people capability and engagement model.
  • Process – we are embracing best-practice IT processes and governance to deliver robust, secure, and cost-efficient technology services to our Group.
  • Technology – we are simplifying and modernising our technology estate to unlock technological agility and reduced cost of ownership.

'We’re committed to lifelong learning and investment in our colleagues’ skills,' said Greg. 'The message is, if you want to come and learn, if you want to further your skills, this is a brilliant place to develop your craft as a technologist.'