Isle of Man - Why we call it Home

With an Aa3 sovereign rating from Moody’s, winning the prestigious Best International Finance Centre award at the 2017 International Adviser Product and Service Awards, coveted OECD white list status and recognised by the IMF as a well-regulated off shore finance centre of excellence, the Isle of Man now leads the world for off shore life insurance. 

The Isle of Man enjoys exceptional political and economic stability. Although centrally located in the middle of the British Isles, the Isle of Man enacts its own legislation, direct taxation and fiscal policies independent of the UK. There is no tax liability on income and capital gains arising from the investments of exempt insurance companies on the island. So, apart from any withholding tax deducted at source on income from assets held in some countries, investments grow without any further deductions of tax. 

The Isle of Man has a credit sovereign rating from Moody’s of Aa3 as at October 2020. According to Moody’s, “The Isle of Man is characterised by a strong institutional framework and has established a proactive financial services regulatory policy.”

Protection for investors

The Island is at the forefront of best practice in international regulation and has been praised by global bodies including the OECD, G20 and IMF for its commitment to financial and supervisory standards. 

Our policyholders are protected by the Isle of Man Compensation of Policyholders protection scheme which is an amount up to 90% (subject to the provisions of the scheme) of RL360's liability where it is unable to meet its financial obligations.