Exciting new RL360 funds powered by BlackRock

16 Mar 2023

International Financial Group Limited (IFGL) brand RL360 has launched three new RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions funds with asset allocation from BlackRock, one of the world’s leading investment houses.

 Where are they available?

These new USD denominated Model Portfolio Funds are exclusive to RL360’s guided architecture ranges and will sit alongside the hand-picked range of funds we already offer across the following products: 

  • Regular Savings Plan (RSP)
  • Oracle
  • LifePlan
  • Quantum
  • Paragon

Who are they for?

The RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds are designed to appeal to clients with three different levels of risk appetite: 

  • RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Conservative USD – a lower risk model designed for investors willing to accept lower returns for a higher degree of security
  • RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Balanced USD – a medium risk model designed for those investors who will accept a moderate level of risk in return for a moderate level of growth
  • RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Growth USD – a higher risk model designed for investors willing to take a higher level of risk in return for potential for higher growth.

BlackRock provides the asset allocation with the objective of providing well-diversified, competitive returns whilst remaining within volatility thresholds, using their comprehensive risk modelling capabilities and an investment universe comprising of BlackRock and iShares collective investments, with a blend of active and passive funds.

Further benefits

The RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds have a very competitive 1% Annual Management Charge. The funds also provide access to the diversified, ESG-integrated underlying holdings by way of affordably priced institutional share classes, so overall cost is low.

RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds