IFGL join forces with the Parish Walk as Sustainability Partner

23 May 2022

International Financial Group Limited has teamed up with the Manx Telecom Parish Walk to help tackle its sustainability issues.

The Parish Walk is a highlight of the Manx sporting calendar and this year it will take place on 18 June with over 1,400 competitors. Many take part in this strenuous 85-mile walking race to achieve the glory of a finish, while others use the event to beat a personal goal or to raise money for charity.

As the Island’s largest mass participation community event, its not surprising that the Parish Walk also comes with some sustainability challenges: namely tonnes of waste. For example, thousands of plastic bottles are discarded during the race, 90% of which still contain wasted water. Waste disposal presents a serious problem, particularly when walkers are crossing beautiful yet fragile stretches of countryside.

As Sustainability Partner over the next 3 years, IFGL intend to work with the event’s organisers to help make the Parish Walk greener. So, what are we going to do to help reduce waste at the Parish Walk?

Firstly, we’re encouraging walkers and their support crews to think carefully about what they bring along on the day and to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. Ideally, everyone would take their rubbish home with them, however we realise this isn’t always possible, so instead, we’re putting some practical measures in place.

All walkers will be provided with a reusable, foldable and light Speedy Cup when they sign on for the race (provided courtesy of Mann Made Group). These can be filled at various water stations around the course.

Compostable Vegware cups will also be available at the feeding stations. There will be 23 stations in the first 40 miles of the course.

Perhaps the most significant change that IFGL is helping the Parish Walk to implement is the introduction of a new waste disposal system; with three types of bins clearly marked for General Waste (i.e. food wrappers), Compostable Material (food waste, Vegware cups) or Recyclable Material (plastics).

These bins will be placed at various points around the course and walkers signing up to the event will see an instructional video we created to point them towards both the bins and cups. This video, which you can view above, will be played at the sign-up sessions and a link to it will be sent directly to all competitors and their support teams.

‘We’re proud to play a part in making one of the Isle of Man’s signature events more environmentally friendly,’ said IFGL’s Simon Barwell. ‘It’s a hugely successful event – a lot of our staff take part, in fact Ardan’s Head of Operations Richard Gerrard is synonymous with the Parish Walk, having won it an outstanding five times since 2012.’

Parish Walk Race Director Raymond Cox added: ‘We’ve been planning a move towards a more sustainable Parish Walk for some time and now, with the help of our Sustainability Partner IFGL, we’re making it a reality. We’d ask that all those involved support us in our efforts and help us by not leaving anything behind in our beautiful Manx countryside except their footprints.’

IFGL owns the RL360, FPI and Ardan International brands and we employ approximately 500 people across our Isle of Man offices in Douglas and Castletown.