Technology is at the heart of our business

At IFGL we believe that technology sits right at the heart of our business.

Led by our new Chief Technology Officer, Greg Watson, a member of the IFGL Executive Team, we are reorganising and expanding our Technology and Change teams to help drive our business forward.

By combining the power of technology and outstanding person-to-person customer service, we are making it simpler and more efficient than ever for clients and advisers to manage their investments.

We are looking to recruit a wide spectrum of technology experts to join our Isle of Man team and help us achieve our vision.

Scroll down to find out more about the various opportunities in our team.

Our technology vision

Greg Watson, Group Chief Technology Officer


"We see IFGL Technology as a great place for technology professionals to learn and grow, helping to provide business solutions using modern platforms and tools. We are looking for future colleagues who are skilled technologists, who appreciate how to apply their skills to improve our business. We want people who are passionate about joining us to help move the organisation forward."

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Current vacancies

IT Service

Service Excellence Manager

With a wide remit, the Service Excellence Manager's role spans the entire scope of our IT Service Management and Supplier landscape, to identify where improvements can be made, or where negative trends emerge. Once identified, to coordinate action, address the root and contributory causes, and then seek out tactical opportunities to apply those improvements on a wider scale.

Incident, Problem & Change Manager

When things go wrong, the Incident, Problem & Change Manager is who we call to coordinate a recovery. Leading the cavalry from the front they will coordinate our army of technical teams, collaborate and communicate with business colleagues, and ensure that we have control over the actions needed to restore service. They're also crucial to the smooth running of our IT Services, located in the centre of our Service Operation, making sure that our teams are following best practices. Their remit spans our incident management landscape, ensuring any operational changes are safely implemented and working to ensure that - when things do go wrong - we are taking the right action to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Service Reporting Analyst

Whether using a thousand-watt torch, or a microscope, our Reporting Analyst is crucial to our understanding of how the Technology services consumed by our customers are running, and how our suppliers are performing against their obligations. Using data from across our landscape they'll provide granular and high-level views of performance and compliance using the full swathe of traditional and bleeding-edge tools available to them.

Technology Vendor Manager

The cornerstone of our interactions with suppliers of Technology to the Group, the Technical Vendor Managers will build deep understandings of what products and services we consume from the suppliers, foster strong relationships with them and ensure that they are meeting their obligations, that we're using what we pay for, and working with colleagues across Technology to identify future opportunities to make sure we are maximising value.

Technology Vendor Analyst

The cornerstone of our interactions with suppliers of Technology to the Group, the Technical Vendor Analysts will build deep understandings of what products and services we consume from the suppliers, foster strong relationships with them and ensure that they are meeting their obligations, that we're using what we pay for, and working with colleagues across Technology to identify future opportunities to make sure we are maximising value.

IT Operations

Business Continuity Analyst

The business continuity analyst will be responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating and maintaining business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure the IFGL organisation can continue to operate in the event of a disruption. This will involve working closely with the IT Resilience Analyst, and with all areas of the organisation to identify potential risks, conducting impact assessments, designing recovery strategies and coordinating testing and training exercises. The role will dovetail with that of the Incident, Problem & Change Manager ensuring all aspects of business interruption is covered. They will work closely with the various business units to understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of a crisis and to help minimise potential downtime, customer detriment and financial impact to the organisation.

IT Resilience Analyst

Working closely with the Business Continuity Analyst, Operations team and wider business units, the IT Resilience Analyst will assess, design and implement strategies to ensure the availability and resilience of the IT systems and infrastructure. This will include identifying potential points of failure, developing and testing recovery plans and working to minimise downtime in the event of disruptions or disasters. Working with IT Operations, Security, and Service the role will establish best practices, conduct risk assessments, and ensure that systems are resilient to various potential threats, such as cyber attacks, natural disasters and technical failures.

IT Delivery

Release & Environments Manager

The Release & Environments Manager is responsible for defining safe and efficient release frameworks, managing test environments, and championing DevOps principles that enhance collaboration, automation, and continuous innovation across the IFGL organisation.

DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Engineer is responsible for bridging the gap between development, quality assurance, and operations by implementing automated pipeline solutions and methodologies that streamline the software delivery lifecycle, while fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous integration, and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Architecture & Engineering

Domain Architect

The Domain Architect will play a pivotal role in aligning business strategy with technology solutions, ensuring that the organisation’s business capabilities are well-defined, understood, and optimised. This role's primary aim is to shift IT from a traditional service provider to a trusted advisor, fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Solution Architect

This Solution Architect role is primarily required to perform IT design activities across the enterprise. Working with internal stakeholders and external partners as required by projects and programmes, to assist the CTO and IT management team in design leadership, design governance, and management of key design knowledge and artefacts (including operating models, roadmaps, application and infrastructure architecture, IT standards and patterns).

Data Architect

The Data Architect plays a pivotal role in performing data design activities across various group functions, channels, products, and technologies. The primary focus is collection, ingestion, and storage of data from upstream sources (e.g. applications, data stores, data streams) into centralised enterprise data platforms that not only fulfil the strategic data needs of the organisation but also streamline the effective provisioning of data from diverse source systems. The Data Architect provides architectural leadership, governance, and management of key data design knowledge and artefacts, ensuring the centralisation of data into cohesive and enterprise-wide repositories that align with both current and future organisational requirements.

Technology Architect

The Technology Architect role involves conducting technology design activities for diverse projects and programs, providing architectural leadership, and managing key design elements with a focus on technical/infrastructure architecture (data centres, networks, servers, and cloud environments), using industry recognised frameworks such as TOGAF.

IT Security

Security Engineer

As a key member of the IT Security Team, this role will be helping to protect IFGL from all forms of security threat, including cyber, physical and data loss. Areas of work will include the design, implementation, and maintenance of robust security measures across network and Cloud environments, ensuring protection against potential threats, adherence to industry standards, proactive incident response and provision of security training to all IFGL staff.

Access Management Analyst

As a key member of the IT Security Team, the Access Management Analyst will play a crucial role in safeguarding our organisation from various security threats, including cyber-attacks, data breaches, and unauthorised application access. The primary focus of this role will be on network and application access, coordinating the security training of all staff, whilst providing support in all areas to others in the Security team.

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Competitive package

We offer a competitive salary and extensive benefits package which includes:

28 days holiday plus UK bank holidays

Generous discretionary bonus scheme

Voluntary “double matching” pension scheme

Income protection

Life assurance

Private medical insurance (after qualification period)

Free car parking

On site gym

Introducing IFGL

IFGL provides financial solutions to expats and affluent local nationals based around the world. We have 216,000 customers, $25 billion of assets under administration and 570 staff.

Our values

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We always aim to do the right thing, not the easy thing.


Our honesty, transparency and professionalism has helped us achieve a strong reputation for integrity.


We approach tasks with an openness and flexibility of mind.


We look after our colleagues and customers which fosters strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them. This philosophy serves to realise our potential as a market leader.

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